01. Tian Hsu works hard to [maintain] close friendships with the students she studied with in London.
02. The roads haven't been properly [maintained], and now are full of cracks and potholes.
03. The President always [maintained] that he didn't actually have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky.
04. The provincial government has decided to [maintain] university tuition fees at the same level for another year.
05. The city can no longer afford to [maintain] the zoo, and will sell all the animals that are remaining.
06. Kimball Wiles once said that creativity is a method of progress, whereas conformity [maintains] the status quo.
07. The blue whale is [maintained] by its blubber, and can go up to half a year without eating.
08. Experts [maintain] that refrigerating champagne or other white wines for more than a few hours can dull the flavor.
09. H. Douglas Brown has suggested that the chief mechanism for [maintaining] the bonds of society is language.
10. Studies show that even when women enter the labor force, their responsibilities for [maintaining] the household do not diminish.
11. [Maintaining] a separate language and culture is difficult without a sufficiently large ethnic concentration within a given area.
12. The most essential minerals to the human body are: salt for [maintaining] water levels, iron for red blood cells, and calcium for bones.
13. An average bee hive has 30,000 to 60,000 bees living in it, but this population is easily [maintained] by a queen laying 1,000 to 3,000 eggs per day.
14. It takes more than 8,000 workers to operate and [maintain] the Panama Canal.
15. Josef Stalin starved, deported, tortured and killed millions of people in his country in order to [maintain] his dictatorship.
16. Combining physical activity with a healthy diet is the best way to [maintain] a healthy body weight.
17. A positive attitude helps language students [maintain] their interest in learning long enough to achieve their goals.
18. In order to [maintain] proficiency in a second language, it is essential that you continue to use the language on a regular basis.
19. One of the goals of the United Nations is to [maintain] international peace and security.
20. The sun is the generator and [maintainer] of all life and all life processes on our Earth.
21. Studies show that seven or eight hours of sleep a night are best in order to build, repair, and [maintain] the immune system.
22. Regular exercise helps build and [maintain] healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
23. Madagascar's small army is used mainly for [maintaining] law and order in the country.
24. In order to ensure proper [maintenance] of your car, you should do a regular tune-up.
25. A French proverb suggests that small gifts [maintain] friendship, and big ones [maintain] love.
26. The Koran states that men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to [maintain] them.
27. It is important for all researchers in the field of psychology to [maintain] a strict code of ethical conduct.
28. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are vitally important in [maintaining] a health body and mind.
29. Sociologists [maintain] that our world is ordered by the beliefs, norms, and values of the group we are born into.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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